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GoldHeart is known for its ability to troubleshoot quickly and perform complete electrical design/build services. GoldHeart works closely with general contractors, construction managers and directly with end-user industrial and commercial clientele. GoldHeart takes building plans from customers, both for new construction and renovation/remodel projects and performs the full electrical service and design for a given project in house. Additionally, GoldHeart’s employees assemble the necessary electrical panels in our workshop as part of our design/build services, installing the completed panels in a customer’s building when they are complete.
GoldHeart have been committed to being the best in the industry. GoldHeart continues to safely deliver low-cost electricity and great service, with current residential and commercial rates that are well below industry averages and customer service ratings that are among the best.

The company and its people continue the tradition of supporting not-for-profits, community organizations and civic initiatives. As one of the area’s leading employers, GoldHeart has sponsored major local events, led the way on economic development initiatives and supported city beautification and environmental efforts.


It’s our culture and is ingrained in everything we do. It’s protecting our best assets — our people.


Doing it right the first time. Standing behind our products and services to meet the needs of our customers.


Maintaining a local presence to bring growth to, and connect with, our communities.

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